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Northwest Florida Environmental Conservancy



Northwest Florida in addition to the adjacent Gulf Coastal regions of Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia, contain the highest biodiversity of flora & fauna and is home to more species of plants & animals than any other comparable region in the entire U.S.  The purpose of the NWFLEC organization is to raise public awareness of the incredible natural history of this region.


The Purpose and Goals of NWFLEC include:
A) Preservation and improvement of the natural and native environment and ecosystems of northwest Florida.  Special emphasis will be placed on the biodiversity of the Florida Panhandle; endemic, specialized and unique and rare and endangered species.  Adjacent Gulf Coastal areas of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia will also be of concern.
B) Increased public natural history education, conservation and awareness of the biodiversity and the unique environments of northwest Florida and adjacent Gulf Coastal States.
C) Aid private, local, County, State and Federal agencies and organizations, agriculture, and the general public in environmental education, conservation, economic planning and development of the northern Gulf Coastal region.  The preservation, conservation and proper ecological management of endemic, critical and rare and endangered species and ecosystems will always be the highest priority of NWFLEC.  Responsible, sustained and renewable usage of our natural resources and ecologically sensitive development activities will always be highly stressed.
D) The ultimate goal of the Northwest Florida Environmental Conservancy is to establish and build a very unique nature center called the Northwest Florida Nature Center.
The lack of public knowledge and understanding of this incredible region has raised the awareness for the need for an organization that is solely dedicated to the conservation and environmental education of the Florida Panhandle and the adjacent Gulf Coastal areas.


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Other Important NWFLEC Websites
1) A link to our second NWFLEC website is found below.  This site contains detailed information about the biodiversity & natural history of the northern Gulf Coast (below):

NWFLEC, Part 2: Biodiversity of the Northern Gulf Coast

2) A link to the NWFLEC Americorp website is found below.  This site contains information about ecological research, environmental education & conservation, civic & community service projects, public programs & events that were conducted by NWFLEC & Karl Studenroth in 2009 & 2010 in Pensacola area Florida State Parks (below):

NWFLEC - AmeriCorps

3) A website created about the natural history and herpetology of the Ouachita Mountain region of Arkansas & Oklahoma and Karl's exploration and wildlife encountered in this region! (below)

The Natural History & Herpetology of the Ouachita Region of Arkansas & Oklahoma!

4) A website created about the natural history and herpetology of Uvalde County, Texas and Karl's exploration and wildlife encountered in south-central Texas! (below)

The Natural History of Uvalde County, Texas & Karl's Adventures in South-central TEXAS!

5) An online journal that highlights ecological and herpetofuanal observations, records, reports and photographs by Karl R. Studenroth Jr. (below)

Ecology Online Journal!

6) The Gulf Coast Biodiversity Conservancy (GCBC) is a division of NWFLEC.  The new, additional areas of concern include peninsular Florida through the Keys, along with coastal Louisiana, through south Texas, to the Mexican border.  This increased area now includes the entire Gulf coastal area from the Florida Keys westward to the Mexican border.  Biological diversity in "Hot Spots" along the Gulf is examined at this new GCBC website! (below)

Gulf Coast Biodiversity Conservancy (GCBC)


(Above) FALLING WATERS State Park
 - WATERFALL.  Washington Co., FL.  Photo courtesy of Sue V. Brown.
(Left) The Chipola River
 - Jackson County, FL

NWFLEC is an official, non-profit organization licensed with the State of Florida.  Corporation # N05000003215. 
  We are also a Federal, nonprofit and tax-exempt organization (ID# 85-0450964) under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).  All contributions and donations are tax deductible.

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