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The Natural History & Herpetology of the Ouachita Region of Arkansas & Oklahoma!

       The Misty Mountain tops of the Ouachita Mountains

  This website was created to highlight the incredible natural history of the Ouachita river, mountains and region.  This site contains detailed information about the very interesting natural history of this region of west-central and southwest Arkansas and adjacent Oklahoma.  The natural history of this region is quite diverse and this site covers many aspects of its ecology to provide readers and those interested with an opportunity to learn about this extraordinary region!  The materials gathered here have never been compiled in one website.  Much of the material is also original research, checklists and information I have completed and compiled here.
  The Ouachita region of Arkansas and Oklahoma lies west and southwest of Little Rock, AR, north of Texarkana, AR/TX and south of Ft. Smith, AR.
  This site also contains photos and information about the exploration and natural history of the region encountered by Karl Studenroth.  I'm concentrating my efforts and searches for unusual and unique species, amphibians & reptiles, bats, invertebrates, rare species and extraordinary natural areas.  This site is yet another environmental education effort I have created to highlight the often overlooked and misunderstood species that are so feared by most people but are very important ecologically and benefit humanity in many ways. 
I invite you to check this site out often as I will update it from time to time. 
I also invite you to sign the Guestbook near the end of this website.  Enjoy the site!

Map of the Ouachita Mountain Region

The word Ouachita is composed of two Choctaw Indian words: "ouac", meaning a buffalo and "chito" meaning large.  It means the land of large buffalos, that formerly covered the prairies of the region.  The name comes from the French spelling of the Caddo word "Washita", which means good hunting grounds and sparkling silver water.      

Mountain roads of the Ouachitas.
Follow along for the adventure ahead!

Special Note: All photographs are Copyrighted by Karl Studenroth and are protected by law! 

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