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     Lake Ouachita, Arkansas: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

Lake Ouachita: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Official website

Lake Ouachita: Arkansas Game & Fish website

Lake Ouachita State Park

Hiking: Lake Ouachita Vista Trail

Bird-watching: Bird Island

Lake Ouachita Geo Float Trail

Lake Ouachita: Facebook website

     Ouachita National Forest (Arkansas & Oklahoma) Links:

Ouachita National Forest

Waterfalls: In the Ouachita National Forest & other Public Lands

     Other Ouachita Regional Natural Attractions:

Hot Springs National Park

     Ouachita Mountains: Geology & Ecology

Ouachita Mountains: U.S. Forest Service, Ouachita National Forest

Ouachita Mountains: The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture

Ouachita Mountains: Arkansas Geological Survey

Ouachita Mountains: Emporia State University

Ouachita Mountains: Rockhouding Arkansas (A very informative site with good graphics)

Ouachita Mountains: Wikipedia

Ouachita Mountains Orogeny: Wikipedia

Ecoregions of Arkansas: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Ecoregions of Oklahoma: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

     Wildlife of Arkansas

Amphibians & Reptiles of Arkansas: Herps of Arkansas

Birds of Arkansas: Audubon Arkansas & Arkansas Game & Fish

Arkansas Backyard Birds: Arkansas Game & Fish Comission

Annoted Checklist of the Recent Wild Mammals of Arkansas: Texas Tech University

Small Mammals of Arkansas

Arkansas Aquatic Invertebrate Report

Crayfish of Arkansas Checklist

Arkansas Lepidoptera Survey: Butterflys & Moths of Arkansas

     Rare & Endangered Species of Arkansas

Endangered Species: Arkansas Game & Fish Comission

Rare Species of Arkansas Search Engine: Arkansas Natural Heritage Comission

Extinct & Extirpated Birds & Mammals of Arkansas

     General Information - Arkansas

U.S. Fish & Wildlife: Arkansas Ecological Services Field Office

Arkansas Game & Fish Comission

Arkansas State Parks

National Wildlife Refuges in Arkansas

The Nature Conservancy of Arkansas

The Audubon Society (Arkansas)

     Additional Websites: Research, Environmental Education & Conservation Work by Karl Studenroth

Northwest Florida Environmental Conservancy (501c3 Non-profit founded & directed by Karl)

Biodiversity of the Northern Gulf Coast (2nd NWFLEC site)

AmeriCorps: Ecological Management, Environmental Education & Conservation work in Florida State Parks (by Karl S.)

The Natural Histroy of Uvalde County, Texas & Karl's Adventures in South-central Texas

Florida Bats in Bridges - Final report: Large research project completed by Karl for Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Comission & FL DOT

Ecology Online Journal: Ecological & Herpetofaunal Records, Reports & Photographs by Karl Studenroth

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake: Brochure by Karl Studenroth