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Contact, More Information, Acknowledgments & Guestbook

                                    More Information

  This site has been assembled by Karl R. Studenroth Jr. to provide the public with detailed information about the natural history of the Ouachita region of Arkansas & Oklahoma.  This site will also contain information about wildlife encountered in this region and interesting natural areas explored by Karl.  This site is a constant work in progress and will be added to over time.
  Who is Karl Studenroth?  My passion for herpetology (amphibians & reptiles) and anything creepy and crawly began as a very young child.  My serious pursuit of herpetology began at the age of 16, many years ago!  By age 18 I had a room in the basement with 87 amphibians, reptiles and more!  Thanks Mom! 
  As I grew older and worked in the field of herpetology I soon found out to be a good herpetologist, you had to be a good field-biologist first.  My love of ecology, botany, bats, carnivorous plants, rare and endangered species and anything unique grew rapidly from there.
  As I completed more professional studies across the Southeast and Texas I saw the unfortunate loss and misuse of our natural resources again and again.  I could write a horror novel of the things I have witnessed against nature, wildlife and many endangered species.  So many people don't realize the incredible biodiversity we are losing in the United States every day.  As a result of this, one of my primary focuses for decades now has been environmental education and this website is an example of that.  No matter how much we study the outstanding natural heritage, nature and wildlife of the U.S. and make attempts to legally protect and professionally manage these resources and species, without serious and constant environmental education, all our efforts are for nothing.  Education is the primary key if life on this planet is to continue.  Simply, if we take care of Mother Nature, nature will in return take care of all inhabitants on planet Earth.  All species have a right to live and many play varied and crucial roles in ecosystems, science, medicine, agriculture and food and so much more.  Humans have offset the balance of nature which is the primary cause of so many environmental problems today.  Everyone reading this site can play an important role and make a difference in the protection and preservation of the incredible biodiversity of the Ouachita region and elsewhere.
  I have decicated my life to the study of unique and important species, conservation and environmental education.  As a herpetologist, field-biologist and now a Park Ranger for the Army Corps of Engineers it is my privelage to create this educational website.  In December 2004 I founded the Northwest Florida Environmental Conservancy and this site is just one of many websites I have created dedicated to my work, research and environmental education efforts.  
  Thanks for visiting and I hope you leave this site with a better understanding and respect of the awesome region of the Ouachita mountains!

                               Contact Information

For more information or questions about this site please contact: Karl Studenroth (nwflec3@yahoo.com). 

Enjoy the site and thank you for your interest!


   Several people have accompanied me in the field during my explorations and adventures in the Ouachita Mountain region.  I'd like to sincerely thank those people who have assisted and joined me in the field or showed me unique and beautiful areas in this awesome region!  I'd also like to thank Bill Jackson, Joshua Gormley, Dave Pennington, Pam Herrin, Amy Shultz, Mike Wade and Byron Erickson.  My apologies for not initially recognizing the honorable Derick Walker, Joe Bailey and Les Golden for assistance also!  Thanks to everyone at the Lake Ouachita, USACE office for an incredible opportunity. 

  Please sign the Guestbook below and share your thoughts and comments about this website.  Thank you!   


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